Tracking the Dark

RETREAT space was offered to Sanna Vellava during three days in April 2018. Inside Vellava conducted a self tracking experiment in which she tracks her physiological reactions with digital self tracking device in order to see how darkness affects bodily states, comparing these to subjectively perceived modifications of mood.  This stay in the darkness was taken as a space to explore kinesthetic and physiological reactions, happenings inside the body and in the space.

Sanna Vellava is a circus artist, specialized in aerial acrobatics and vertical rope. In addition, she has recently graduated as Master of Social Sciences, in social and cultural anthropology, from University of Helsinki. Her master's thesis focused on "biohacking" as a cultural phenomenon. Nowadays Vellava is planning her PhD studies about technological phenomena in contemporary societies. She is interested in continuing working between artistic and academic fields, researching, challenging and trying to ignore disciplinary boundaries.