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The impulses of everyday life are abundant and often weighty. Their effect on our sensory systems poignant. As a remedy to reestablish a connection with ourselves as physical beings as well as receptive individuals to the world around us, Meri Linna has conceived a treatment program in two parts. On the one hand a setting void of light programmed to deprive our visual senses the opportunity to determine our presence. Here the speed of thinking changes and trust is turned inwards, allowing for a different notion of a social space and time. In the other room – in collaboration with Swedish artist Karin Auran Frankenstein - the stimulation of the senses is offered ceremoniously through the materiality of clay. The physicality of this treatment combined with communication from well beyond the doors of the Van Eyck acts as a medium for the imagination. Together this (re)treatment unleashes new sensory possibilities to grasp the reality around us.